• Those years you spent knowing her were not wasted. At least you got to know her. But you should have said something 7 years ago. Not speaking up robbed you of time that MIGHT have been better. Just say it! What do you have to loose at this point?
    • AboXOts
      It's hard to approach her honestly, but then again your right. How do I go about it though? I can't just say "Oh hey ___, I've liked you ever since I moved in"???
    • Linda Joy
      Tell her you'd like to keep in touch and get her number or give her yours. Or suggest you do something together before she goes. Or say something like I'll have to come visit you when I'm in (wherever she's going) then be sure to follow up with any plans you make. You may feel more comfortable writing it down first to help you find the right words.
  • You have to learn to talk to people, dude.

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