• You're not much of a writer for someone with an "advanced diploma" but your best option is probably to get a degree in Computer Science then specialize in AI.
    • GodSnapper
      Thanks for your reply! i am currently now learning front end and back end programming. are u mentioning i need to learn coding or somelse to get the experience in order to go to AI field
  • Grammar to start "Is it even necessary...............Basically I am confused right now..........AI developer confused...........Thanks in advance.............. To answer your question AI will be Huge in many aspects of everyday living in the future. Learn wherever you can. Keep track what Elon Musk is doing in this area as well.
    • GodSnapper
      sorry for my *eng causing such inappropriate to u. thanks for your reply btw. but i am trying to get the information about whether learning AI courses in university is necessary or not

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