• Not a secret- air conditioning. But there are also gel packs used for hot and cold compresses you can put in freezer or fridge. Or just a cold beverage can be placed on the back of the neck or forehead helps. Or you could even use something already in the fridge or freezer like a bag of frozen veggies or berries. You can also make a towel or washcloth damp and put it in fridge or freezer- or two so you can rotate them. A fan blowing directly on damp skin works well, also boosts effects of ac. If you don't have ac use someone else's. Restaurant, store, library, church, neighbors... Also don't wear synthetic fibers they don't breathe. Its like wrapping yourself in plastic! Loose fitting cotton is good. Shorts are better than pants, skirts better than shorts and a dress even better. Be careful exposing too much skin in the sun and always use sunscreen. I know it makes you sweat more, but sunburn is hotter! Cool showers are heavenly for you and spraying the roof of your house MAY help depending on the home. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Stay cool !
    • Beaker Five-O
      Wow !! You are an amazing encyclopedia of keeping cool knowledge !! Thank you for such a thorough and informative answer. Stay cool, too, my intelligent friend !!
    • Linda Joy
      I've just been living in the south for a long time! I thought of more. Always stay hydrated! It helps you sweat. And you need to sweat if you're hot! It cools you. If you stop sweating you may be in heat stroke and need to go to the hospital. Drink iced drinks, but not alcohol. It dehydrates you and will bring on heat stroke faster. Go swimming and let yourself air dry in air conditioning or in front of a fan or at the very least in the shade. Preferably sipping an iced drink. Here's a great list!
    • mushroom
      The Chinese drink hot tea all summer. It induces sweat.
    • Linda Joy
      My mom used to drink coffee all day long. She also claimed that it helped her stay cool. I think it was due more to the caffeine dilating her blood vessels than the temperature of the drink. I prefer cold and iced drinks when I'm hot. But these days I stay in the ac and can't move as well as I did so the heat isn't as much of a factor.
  • air conditioning
  • I have my AC on, a fan in the living room, and I sleep with a fan on as well. For more ideas, just Google.
  • I knew that was you! Can't wait to tell Ice man!
  • YEARS of perfecting my trolling skills! :P
  • opening windows if it gets too hot cause of the heat, in the sunnnner we get air
  • Practice from previous life events and the ability to want people around me to stay calm in emergency situations
  • Not resisting the heat. When you want it, you know how they say wood heats twice, when you cut and split it and when you burn it. When you fuss about the heat, you make more heat to go with the heat that mother nature is giving you.. I have learned to relax into it, so the occasions where I am bothered are greatly reduced.
    • Linda Joy
      Come visit Alabama in August! Walk out of a nice cool air conditioned store into the stifling wall of heat and humidity so thick it actually takes your breath away and I assure you, you will have a new perspective! ;-) But then we can go jump in the pool and learn how it cools twice. Once when you go into the pool and once when you come out and the breeze gently licks at the glistening droplets of water that help cool you! Yes, I can definitely agree that not resisting the heat helps! But AC ROCKS!!
  • Just be like Arthur Fonzarelli.
    • mushroom
      Or "Ice" from "West Side Story" (1961)
    • Archie Bunker
      Or Vanilla Ice.
    • Linda Joy
      Mmmm... ice cream!
  • Good Air Conditioning
  • Move to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Then, if you feel too hot, wait five minutes and it might start snowing. LOL
  • there's no secret at all.. all you need to do is be yourself then everything else will follow. just make sure that you stay true to yourself. ok? :)

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