• years ago i would run into friends that needed food
  • I got sick, couldn't work, lost my home. In the homeless shelters I was able to help others in many ways. I cooked for them, crocheted hats and scarves for them, was asked to crochet blankets beanies and booties for babies, hats for Children's Hospital, and was able to parent three daughters that basically adopted me because they had bad experiences with their own mother's. I've been helping them for 8 years now and because of the whole homeless process I've been able to help others through it. That and abuses I've suffered, medical and mental conditions I and close family members have suffered has taught me a lot I can now use to help others navigate the course.
  • 99.54% of the people in Japan where I was born do not believe in God, so God has never done anything to me. Most people of Japan practice kami no Michi religion whose supreme deity is Amaterasu. Ask when Amaterasu has placed us in such situations.
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      Keep in mind that it is God's will and not ours. We don't always get what we want. God is based on time and energy. Everything comes with perfect timing.

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