• no, thats never been my thing
  • Judo & Tai Chi yang form
  • Shotokan, Goju Kai, Isshun Ryu and Shorinji Kempo.
  • I have friends who know martial arts, and they taught me some Karate and Wing Chun.
  • I have studied 28 styles from China, Japan, Korea, Okinawa and Tibet, and I created my own style that has moves from most of the ones I studied plus original moves, many of which are improvements upon existing moves. I wrote and illustrated a book about it. The first edition is in Chinese. and another one is in Japanese. I have never got around to making an English edition. I have a Yahoo Group about it.and samples on Youttube.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Post a link
    • Pei Chia-Li
      I just saw that Yahoo Groups was shut down 12/15/19. On YouTube search for Maria Fanelli who has 75 subscribers and 8 videos. There are many Maria Fanellis. Her avatar has a picture window on the upper half or so. Watch the 4th video that is titled "Miyuki Komatsu as Shinimegami".It has some illustrations I made for my book titled "Wu Da Wu Shu" in Mandarin Chinese, "Ng Da Mou Seut" in Cantonese Chinese of "Go Utsu Bu Jutsu" in Japanese. The first painting shown is the cover with lovel Miyuki Komatsu and me, each in two poses. Miyuki Komatsu wear a blue samurai formal suit from the Edo period (1603-1869).I wear dark brown Chinese martial arts clothing and a $54,000 Audemars Piguet "Royal Oak" gold wristwatch.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉 That's not much information. Do you have a link to the book?
    • Pei Chia-Li
      No, I sold out in Chinese and Japanese editions. I has several misfotunes that caused much loss. 1. My oldest sister stole much from our younger sister and me, 2. Bedbugs took over my home, 3. I lost some luggage travelling across the USA while returning to San Francisco. Several books I wrote were lost in these three misfortunes.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I don't understand. You don't have a link to any listing for the book because of bedbugs?!
    • Pei Chia-Li
      I lost many books, DVDs, videos, etc. to thieves, bedbugs and just lsing things on trips across the USA
  • I studied Tai Kwon Do, and then Tang Soo Do, as a child. Later on, I studied Judo, Ju Jitsu, and then, finally, Aikido. But I am a non-violent person.
  • I'm not into causing a bad injury to another.
  • Gun Fu. Most famously showcased by Grammaton Cleric John Preston.
  • Bokkenjutsu. Zi Ran Men. Fa-shu Tao. Pa Kua Chang. I Chuan.
  • I took karate lessons. It wasn't to get any kind of belt .It was for self defense.
  • Just a bit of Origami.

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