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  • It's important to understand that he police are a general threat to bad guy who see the police as their enemy and who might attack with minimal or no provocation. Their guard has to up to defend against that ALL the time and they don't know if you are a bad guy or not. The "trust" you have for the police and the "trust" they have for you (as a stranger) is very different.
  • How can they trust you if you don't trust them? I don't have that problem. I've had one approach me from behind my car after pulling me over with his gun drawn I never feared because I knew all I had done was speeding. Its usually the ones who are guilty of something or someone who wants to challenge authority or stir up racial contention that end up dead because of their own stupidity and not doing what they're told.
    • Percussion
      Wow, so happy you are ok. That doesn't usually happen to people. How fast were you going and for how long?
  • if you have nothing to hide learn to listen.
  • Don't trust them if you don't want to. But, you still have to do as they say.

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