• Yes, I'm a warm weather person. Vermont is too cold for me.
  • Where did you get the idea that "everyone left the state" ??
    • Linda Joy
      From the article. Did you read it? Why do you think they're paying people to relocate there?
    • Ice man
      Yes I did read it and it didn't say everyone left the state. What it did say was that it's "work force" had been reduced by 16,000 over an 8 year period. That accounts for 2,000 people retiring per year over that 8 year period. It's a small percentage when you consider Vermont has an ageing population and has always been a "rural" state with a smaller population than most others. The majority of it's population is scattered all over the country side on farms and little towns. It has never been a rich state (most of their income is from tourism) and they want to encourage a younger population growth to expand their tax base, putting more money into maintaining their infrastructure.
    • Linda Joy
      They've been leaving since it was a state! True it's slower than it used to be. Thank you for encouraging me to read more about it. It seems there are many and various reasons they leave.
    • Linda Joy
      They will also reimburse your college tuition if you stay there for 5 years after!
  • relocate from where? i live in NH which is pretty much the same state
    • Linda Joy
      They didn't specify, but I included the link to the article so you can read the specifics of the offer.
  • didnt know they did that, maybe i should contact them
  • Yes, I knew that. I live in VT, already, so I'm not eligible. There are very few jobs here. Taxes are high. There is this overwhelming idea here that we can tax ourselves into prosperity. In the past ten years, since I've moved here, we've lost IBM and tons of smaller businesses. Since there is so little infrastructure compared to other states, the cost of living here is very high - I think second or third highest in the USA. Heating a home here over the winter costs thousands of dollars. Neighbouring NH has no sales tax, and VT keeps hiking theirs up, so retail along the eastern half of the state is rapidly dying. Property taxes are one of the highest in the nation, so homes are expensive to buy and rent is even more expensive. Unless you live in a shack deep in the woods, that $10k will go right back to the state within a couple of years anyway.
  • Texas chainsaw massacre type hillbilly lands. Not even Mexicans want to go live there.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      You are literally more than twice as likely to be murdered in Texas than in Vermont. ( source: )

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