• i dont wear one but i dont see anything wrong with others wearing it
  • As far as I am aware, it is required by Mohammed the prophet of Islam. I think that is ridiculous and it is a symbol of female slavery.
  • It's part of the religious culture in certain countries. The idea that they can come to another country and practice it openly is questionable. Countries have laws designed to protect their citizens. Hiding your identity undermines such laws. And, whether justly or unjustly, a culture that is associated with terrorism is naturally in the crosshairs of that nation's security.
  • I don't like them. women's hair is beautiful. covering it isn't right. And I bet those hijab's are hot as heck! As an American woman the hijab makes me uncomfortable because I'm untrustworthy of Muslims. I agree with Hulk, the hijab is a form of female slavery.
  • The height of hypocrisy, IMHO is seeing Muslims at the beach. The men are running around in their hot little speedos or surfer shorts while the women are wrapped up and covered from head to toe. I think the required coverings for women are misogynistic.
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      I think that it is just cruel having to wear a blanket when it is that hot out.
    • dalcocono
      Yes indeed! I agree!

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