• The 70's for me. I was a kid, the music was amazing, especially here in the Bay Area of California, my uncle and aunt were hippies, so I knew a lot of amazing people, I could hop on my Schwin early in the morning and not come home until evening in the summer - no school and too young to work, so, HR Pufinstuff and all the other drug-induced children's shows that were colorful and fun to watch.
  • anything but this one, i had nnore fun back then
  • The 30's. That is: 2000 years ago. (Christianity)
  • I agree with the 70s. The music was better, and life for a kid was exceptional. I turned 18 in 1973 so I was old enough to drive and enjoy a lot more than younger kids who stayed close to home and had to be in when the streetlights came on. Don't get me wrong - they had a great time, too. Everyone had a great time in the 70s. I was just old enough to enjoy it a *little more*.
  • The 1940s. There was so much that happened during that time, including WWII, and all the technology learned. Life itself was much simpler and fun. I was a young lad then and just enjoyed life.
  • 60s. I was footloose and fancy free.

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