• Lotsa idiots!
  • Christmas lights
    • Rick Myres
      I miss read and thought was (what) instead of who. So actually nobody.
    • Linda Joy
      that's what I figured when I read your answer. LOL what about Santa? I hardly ever see him any other time of year!
    • Rick Myres
      If you mean the guy in the red suite with white trim, one was drinking and another was arrested for drugs at Walmart on the sidewalk.
  • noone, i see my friend on thanksgiving but i see her the rest of the yr too
  • People running all over the place extra fast though. Some lights, sales but I never saw a sale on beer? Should be a rule it's the holidays (even though where I am it's just another day) still beer should be on sale. Now this fox needs to hunt
  • my sisters

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