• In five years I'll be 80. I've run out of time.
    • Linda Joy
      apparently God disagrees He gave you another holiday.!
  • I made through to another year :-)
    • Linda Joy
      yay! Another Survivor!
  • No highlights just 3 weeks of no work and no pay. I am 79, live alone, and don't go anywhere. I just praise the Lord God as He takes care of me.
    • Linda Joy
      no pay is so much harder than not much pay! I know! I understand! I worked as a substitute teacher but I also have a degenerative disease that causes me not to be able to work and it's not going to get any better. It can get very depressing at times especially when you add in the chronic pain and loss of independence and self sufficiency which admittedly was a source of pride for me in the past and through the experience of having this disease I have been humbled in a lot of ways, though God isn't finished with me yet and I was a major renovation to begin with! definitely a job beyond the capabilities of mortal man! Thank God for Jesus and the plan of redemption and process of repentance! Amen?
  • not really, they were boring since noone asked me over
    • Linda Joy
      Did you ask anyone over?
    • pearllederman
      no, there was noone to ask over, they were too busy with their families and besides if they didnt ask me i doubt they would want to come over
  • Cleaned out the garage! Then had family over and they said it looked great. So that was actually a very warm moment in my holiday. And to start the new year with that garage... a heaven. It's the little things in life that count.
    • Linda Joy
      That was precious! Thank you!
  • A quiet New Years Eve/Birthday with a dear friend, Champagne, Chinese Food and a funny movie.
    • Linda Joy
      your birthday or theirs? Good film, food, family and friends make great memories!

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