• i used to do that when i worked in resorts, i didnt mind it, i preferred cause i could sleep in
  • Worked midnights for 14 years back in my policeman days. Loved it. Breakfast at 4 with the boys and beers at the watering hole at 7:30am. Then off to bed to start all over again.
  • yes, I worked the night shift in a grain elevator during harvest time. It was hot, itchy, dirty work for 14 hours per night at $1.00 per hour with overtime starting at 56 hours. That will give you a hint as to how long ago that was.
  • yep when going to college Did School during the day and worked from 11 PM to 7 AM as a Psych Tech
  • I'm not going to give a detailed answer, but I'll just say yes.
  • No night shift but worked past midnight many times!
  • I worked 11-7 at a small town service station/convenience store. I liked the customer interaction. It got boring 2-6, but I discovered this on their adding machine. (try it) - [99999999÷9=,÷9=]
  • worked it for most of my career. it was just my speed. no managers or administrators like in the daytime. when I went home, the highways were clear because I was going in the opposite direction from the day shifters. I could go shopping and have the malls and fully stocked supermarkets all to myself. I could sleep all day too. the only noise would be from people mowing their lawns. 😊

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