• An order is not open to discussion. When the Commander in Chief says no that means no. The military is not a democracy. It is as simple as that. Anyone disappointed by that decision will have to discern for themselves the portion of no that they may not understand and deal with it. Personally, there is a transgender person that we have known since before she (now he) was in elementary school and is now in her 30s. We have met some of 'his' friends we have also met 'his' significant other also transgender. Both have significant emotional issues and do not appear to be able to function well in traditional social settings. As a veteran her (his) presence would be very awkward in the barracks. I agree with the Presidents decision.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I agree also. The military is not the place to be conducting social experiments. What most people seem to forget is that mission accomplishment is the primary goal of any military. And messing with anything that hinders that goal is detrimental to the personnel involved.
    • tominhouston
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