• probably, cant remember exactly what
  • Oh how many times have I tasted shoe leather!!??
    • Linda Joy
      Me too man! I usually see that line I shouldn't have crossed just as I'm flying past it.
    • Thinker
      Me too!
    • Linda Joy
      praying for both of us.
  • Not that I can recall. I'm more of a texter, so I can take more time to respond. lol
  • Yes but I was a child at the time when I said something terrible so I didn’t know what I was saying at the time. It was about the death of a person. If the person that I deeply hurt could understand I was only a child who didn’t know any better, I’m sure they could forgive what I said. I take life seriously and get affected by the death of others which has developed over the years now that I can process the concept of loss and empathise with someone’s grief.

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