• not sure but i might bury the animal and clean what he dirtied up
  • Barbecue.
    • Ice man
      Sounds "kosher" to me. I'll have mine rare. : )
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      What do you know about Kosher (not much I guess) - but then stupid answers simply bug me
    • Ice man
      You must really bug yourself 'Sam', because your answers are usually extremely stupid. Hmmmmm.
    • Linda Joy
      I enjoy the silly answers.
  • Check with your local Rabi! Israelis aren't all Jewish! There's plenty of goofballs there too!
    • Linda Joy
      This is from the Bible trivia I was asked to post several months ago. There is a bunch of them!
  • I don't think God, or Trump either for that matter, would much appreciate you calling the Israelis unclean dead animals. Especially after the opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem just recently. : )
    • Linda Joy
      He did it though, didn't he?
    • Ice man
      Really ? He called the Israelis unclean dead animals ? I missed that part.
  • Both were required to be completely burned outside the camp. Anyone who touched the dead animal were considered to be unclean until night fall and had to bathe. They could not come back into the camp until they were clean.

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