• Inside a washing machine.
    • Linda Joy
      And I was thinking that would be a long time to be in the shower! I don't even think I could get in the washing machine well maybe one of the big ones. At the laundromat certainly not my apartment washing machine!
  • Wash bay #4 down at the truck stop. That's the one where they wash out all the cattle and pig trailers. Phewie, they be some dirty.
    • Linda Joy
      Well, at least I'd fit better than dough's washing machine! Lol! And that's definitely a foul smell!
  • The Jordan River.
    • Linda Joy
      Nope! Guess again!
  • In the doghouse. ;) I told you to wash your hands before dinner! Lev. 14:8
    • Linda Joy
      Where is this doghouse located?
    • mushroom
      Outside the tent. Reminds me of the speech our high school principal gave at graduation: "Most of you are used to living close to your homes..."
    • Linda Joy
      We have a winner! Outside the camp!
  • A hot desert?
    • Linda Joy
      Nope, mushroom got it. Scroll up
  • ive never been called unclean

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