• How can intelligent people say all atheists are evil??? How can atheists say that intelligent people don't know the definition of the word 'evil'???
    • rooruu
      Do atheists even know what the word 'evil' means or do they automatically assume they know the definition from a 'religious' standpoint? Atheists' definition of 'evil' is more likely than not the religious definition of 'evil'. Besides, why would any non God believing person believe on evil or good if they don't even think there is a One who is Good? If they do not believe upon the Good, why should they even think the word 'evil' is a real word???
    • rooruu
      These people sound more 'unintelligent' than the ones they claim to be fools for believing on God...
  • You are lying here or erecting a straw man. Atheists are more intelligent than theists.
  • maybe cause theyre intelligent in other ways
  • As a PhD and college professor, as well as an atheist, I am quite confident of the definitions of the words I use. I am certainly smart enough not to get information from, or believe what is claimed on, YouTube, of all places. People who do so are not very bright.
  • I've noticed that religious people like to make up their own definitions of commonly used words, then mock those who use the standard dictionary definitions instead of the made-up one.

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