• 9-16-2017 Why is it that a person will laugh at the idea of a God and then accept "dark energy" as the finest science?
    • mushroom
      I have yet to hear a good explanation of dark energy. But then again, Einstein called entanglement "spooky action at a distance" in 1930, but the paradox was explained by John Bell in 1964, and just recently demonstrated. There's still time for further research.
  • It is fueling a lot of thoughts which will eventually fuel space exploration.
  • i have no idea
  • Erm... That's not how it works. Linda
    • Linda Joy
      Prove it!
  • In a few years the problems right here on Earth will take all our attention and energy. Like dominos, one by one things are beginning to break down which will affect the next and then the next. We will get to a point of no return and space will fall by the wayside. In my opinion.
    • Linda Joy
      Space travel will increase now that its being handled by the private sector instead of the government. And I evidently have more faith in the human race than you do! I'm fairly certain our children will solve the challenges that face them before the entire human race is annihilated.
  • I'm full of, I mean I have plenty of dark matter to donate to the cause. xD
    • Linda Joy
      Lol, I said dark energy, not methane!
  • Never say never. But dark energy has yet to be detected in a laboratory. Dark energy is a mathematical construct used to fix problems with the Friedmann Equations in general relativity. In order for the universe to remain accelerating in its expansion, there must be something that keeps the energy density high but the mass density low. This could be dark energy or it might just be a limitation of the model. To put into perspective, the oldest model of gravity, that there is a force called weight that points down to the center of the Earth with a magnitude of 9.8 m/s2 times the mass of the object, is perfectly valid anywhere on Earth. Newton's model of F = GMm/r2 collapses to the old model on Earth, but also works for objects the scale of stars and planets. Einstein's model works better on a larger scale of galaxies and black holes, but also works on smaller scales (in fact it simplifies to Newton's model). Maybe we need an even bigger model to describe the entire universe. It could prove difficult gathering data, though, since we can only observe one universe.
  • No it's not how it works. Next you'll be talking about cream cheese eventually being used in makeup.
  • I think about undiscovered possibilities in space often. Cwazy ideas sometimes, no tin foil hats however. hahaha

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