• Wish them luck getting Apple to "open" your phone for them to check!
    • Linda Joy
      I don't think the legislation has passed yet. But I don't think they need Apple's permission.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      You do need a warrant though.
  • Is this for real ? It almost sounds a little too "Buck Rogers" to me.
    • Linda Joy
      here's the most current link I found on the subject, but it was too slow opening on this old phone. So let me know if you need another link.
    • Ice man
      Ahhh now I understand, thanks for the link. If it's to be used after a car accident, then I think it's an excellent idea. Every day I see a lot of people still texting and distracted while in traffic even though it's been made illegal here, with very steep fines. It is alarming when I look down into vehicles that wander out of their lane and narrowly miss hitting my truck (in car/truck incidents the truck is usually blamed automatically) . The texting driver usually gives me the finger after I've honked the air horn to wake the dipshit up. Now that I've thought about it ... I kind of like the idea of drivers being stopped and checked for suspected texting (if they're weaving around) even before they cause an accident and kill someone.
    • Linda Joy
      I may have to double up my prayers on you!
  • Not without a warrant.
  • it nnight be a good idea
  • It's as bogus as a polygraph. The "power" is not in it's work but it's myth. You're less likely to lie on a polygraph because you believe you "will" be caught. Similarly with this, you're a lot less likely to be on your phone now that you think it could be used against you. The actual legality (or accuracy) of it has yet to be tested in court
    • Archie Bunker
      If you look at the law here where I'm at, they don't even need proof anymore to show distracted driving. The police officer only has to articulate that he thought you were distracted. Whether it be you using your phone, putting on makeup, changing the radio station or eating a cheeseburger. They don't even need proof anymore. (which is why I'm against traffic cameras also)
  • never heard of it
  • Good idea. If it's illegal to text while driving, and you don't break that law, then you have nothing to worry about.

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