• Who knows?
  • 4-20-2017 According to news stories I have seen, the USA is causing all the trouble.
  • according to history the most terrifying acts done by european (christian) as WWW1/2 hiroshima and nagasaki bomb also done by non muslim ppl sabra /shatilla disaster done by jews / you may need to read more in the modern/old history .
  • The Arabic word salaam (سلام) ("peace") originates from the same root as the word Islam. One Islamic interpretation is that individual personal peace is attained by utterly.
    • Archie Bunker
      ....killing gays and apostates? Is that the rest of what you were trying to say?
    • Jawed Iqbal
      killing people is not allowed in Islam. your have to read this article...
  • Like any religion, different people interpret its messages in vastly different ways. The Quran says not to coerce religious beliefs (2:256 and 109:1-6), but it also says to kill people who persecute or attack them (2:190-191), whereas Christianity (the other dominant world religion) says to "turn the other cheek." Again, I think that the propensity for violence is steeped heavily in pre-islamic middle eastern culture. Typical traditional Muslims in places like Malaysia, Pakistan, and Indonesia tend to be much less violent than the bulk of Muslims in violent places like North Africa and the gulf of Aiden. From a common sense perspective, religion is a product of culture, so a violent culture will create a violent religion.
    • mushroom
      The Crusades and Inquisitions were heavily steeped in religious cloaks even though "Thou shall not kill" is as basic a rule as it gets.
    • Jawed Iqbal
      extremist can be in any religion; jews, hindus, christian or Islam. we can not relate it to any one religion.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      The Crusades and Inquisitions were as much or more to do with politics than with religion. Those were more violent times in Europe. People in the USA don't typically see Shinto as a violent religion, but things were different during WWII. Or what about the Bosnian War, where Muslim Bosnians were being persecuted by Christian Serbs? No? I don't blame you - it wasn't really reported in the media as a religious thing.
  • Without a big song and dance on this subject Islam is the religion of peace the dead are very peaceful and if you don't do what they tell you to do you become dead they're for your very peaceful after you become dead

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