• It's been a while since I read a book. I don't have the kind of mind that will stay quiet and let me listen to someone else's meanderings and rationalizing when there are so many of my own in there already. So I prefer a video presentation on a subject, because a task that could take 30 or 40 hours (reading a book) can be accomplished within 2 hours ( a documentary) (or a movie). ....The last book I remember liking was The Celestine Prophecy. It was kind of "spiritual sci-fi", and it changed the way I think. That's a good thing. I "watched" some Wayne Dyer books on PBS too. Those make me feel empowered, but I never manage to apply what I learned. ...If only there was a book on couch dwelling, or eating pizza, scratching one's self....I'm familiar with those things and might apply a new lesson easily XD. mm... AH! You know what I've been reading for three years now? Music magazines, and tutorials. On music equipment, mainly. (It's a lot more complicated than the equipment I had in the 80's. I remember a "tape" recorder that just had STOP, PLAY, REWIND and FAST FORWARD for buttons. NOW you need a college course to figure out how to run a recorder (you actually do. I've got a 16 track I've had for a year, and still haven't used it. It's daunting. You have to be young and energetic to do all that learning and remembering. *shrug* (I've got an electronic drumset that poses the same problem.) The guitar I know what to do with, so I've just been screwing with that. But that's all the reading I do....then I hit the couch and watch a documentary or a movie, or I read an instruction manual (and then forget all that I've learned within a few weeks of doing so). In the future I may just have Captain Meow read these for me, as he may pick it up quicker and recall the information.
    • beaker95
      How do you screw a guitar? Be as graphic as you like--I have one eye closed and the goldfish are out for the night at a sleepover.
    • Linda Joy
      I used to have the same problem with books, but now I have less interruptions and more time. Besides, the books are so much better! Better descriptions and you can know what the character is thinking. Wayne Dyer taught me that jealousy is when you compare yourself to someone else and find yourself lacking. That was probably in my early 20's. It changed the way I thought. I'm sure there were other things I learned but I don't remember what they were. I remember the cassette recorder I got one for Christmas (or birthday) when I was in 6th or 7th grade and I used to record songs off the radio, and sometimes friends and family unawares! I once recorded my grandma saying to my aunts that her legs looked like roadmaps! Lol! I miss her, even though we didn't spend a lot of time together. I'm NOT musically talented. I can play the radio and my mp3 player! I took flute in middle school practiced relentlessly (outside) and played poorly! I took piano in high school with the same results! After marrying I bought my ex an acoustic guitar and a lesson book because he wanted to learn, but he didn't know how to read music so he said he wanted me to learn and teach him. I learned how to play Red River Valley and when I tried to teach him he said I was confusing him! So later I got him one of those electronic guitars you were supposed to be able to play with one finger. He wrote me a song called 'Alabama's got you' Later my son got some kind of game for one of his game consoles it came with drums and a guitar and a microphone for the solos. We had fun with that. I didn't have a lot of time for practice then because my son and my grandson were usually using the equipment and he didn't know the words to the oldies so I ended up doing the solos. Thank you for helping me remember all these nice memories I appreciate it!
    • Linda Joy
      Hey Beaker! Righty tighty lefty Loosey of course!
    • BLINK89
      Beth Reekles Series and Elle Kennedy series
  • The Art of Racing in the Rain
    • Linda Joy
      What kind of racing?
    • Cruiser - IYNGUYCPL
      Professional car racing. The story is seen through the eyes of the family dog who tells the story of the husband who is striving to get on a race team and being able to race well in the rain is the key to his success. Enzo the dog is a riot to read just an amazing story with a Terms of Endearment ending. A real heartfelt story. I read the book straight through....could not put it down.
  • All of the Three Investigator books. They were better than the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew.
    • Linda Joy
      By Terry F. Lenzner?
    • Anoname
      A couple of different authers contributed to that series. I don't recall any of them.
    • Anoname
      The series was originally called Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators. Then Alfred Hitchcock found out his name was being used and they had to reprint the series with a different mentor for the sluths.
      Ano: Yeah, I loved "The Three Investigators" myself. As you said: much better than the competing juvenile detective fiction of the time (though I was also a fan of Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown, as well as The Boxcar Children). There were only a very few books in the series in my day.
  • The Trilogy of the Rings by Tolkien The Silver Chalice by Costain The Black Rose by Costain
  • Innocence abroad
  • Also my life and loves
  • "How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse" !!
  • I have read many books and many were very good books some were sinceless. A book read many years ago was "Al Seiber Chief of Scouts" then there was "Centennial" and "Alaskan Bush pilot". "Royal Law of Liberty: Living in Freedom with Christ's Law of Love" and "Divine Sex". I am currently reading 3 books, "Texas", "The Book of Enoch" and "The Forgotten Books of Eden". But I have to say the very best is the KJV of the Bible.
  • United States Marine Guidebook of Essential Subjects - the "Green Monster"
    • Linda Joy
      I read the bluejacket. Soooo much information!!
  • Play of Consciousness By Swami Muktananda
  • Somewhere on the shelves, can't remember the name!
  • This is the most amazing book i have ever read.
    • Linda Joy
      An interesting twist on a cookbook! But it sounds like a fairy tale to me. Wish I'd had a mom like that! Thank you!
    • Eddy Kinuthia
      Welcome Linda
  • I think the best book is the KJV of the Bible. I have read so many books it is a little hard to choose. among the best is The Royal law of Liberty: Living in Freedom under Christ's Law of Love. Also Texas and Centennial. Eagles and Empire, 13 Satanic Blood lines and On the Beach to name a few
  • "Play of Consciousness" by Swami Muktananda
  • My KJV Bible.
  • The History of Grand Prix Racing. published in 1968
  • Gone with the Wind
    • Linda Joy
      Better than the movie?
  • Favorite book: The Hobbit. *** Best book I've ever read: the Bible. I especially appreciated the New Jerusalem Bible Regular Edition. Lots of (very) scholarly and insightful and UNBIASED study notes. *** Apart from the Bible, I've found that practically all works considered "classics" are really great reads...even when the stories address topics that don't typically appeal to me, like Dickens. *** But there ARE a few classics that I found very disappointing. Frankenstein was terribly boring (compare, for example, to Dracula, which was typically excellent for a classic). Don Quixote was mostly pathetic rather than funny (though it tried desperately to be funny). Dune was gratuitously perverse and failed to be original. (Failing to be original is a fatal flaw in science fiction. The old "natives of harsh climates are superior examples of humanity" theme is a very old one and was certainly not original to Dune.) I compare Asimov's "Foundation" - where the primary science that is fictionalized - that is central to the story - is sociology. Now THAT'S original.
  • Gone with the Wind
  • Gone with the Wind

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