• All my life. She's my aunt.
    • Ice man
      Well that's a plus. I've got a sexy blond singer for a barber .. and that's a plus too. : ) Thanks.
  • 3-11-2017 In 1975 I was standing in line at a bookstore when I saw a book titled "How To Cut Your Own Hair." I glanced at a picture inside and said to myself, "Yeah, I can do that." I didn't buy the book, I went to a drugstore and bought hair cutting scissors and I have been cutting my own hair ever since. Nobody can tell.
    • Ice man
      I'm glad to hear you can look after your own. I wouldn't trust myself to do a very good job. Thanks.
  • I think I've been going to my stylist for about 2 years now. It's really hard to find someone that you like.
    • Ice man
      My point exactly. Thanks
  • All my life. If my hair gets cut at all I cut it.
    • Ice man
      I know a few people that cut their own.
    • Linda Joy
      I just trim the ends occasionally
  • I have known him for about 7 years.
    • Ice man
      After that long I guess you trust him ...

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