• nope not being incorporated am missing the benefits
    • Linda Joy
      Not from the income tax cuts? Not from the credits on the utility companies? No where?
  • i havent heard about it yet
  • I am not an American, so it can't help me. It helps some friends of course.
  • I'm self employed...I guess I'll find out at the end of the year...I hope it's not a surprise surprise surprise!..
  • Yes, Several months' ago I noticed an increase in take home pay. It was decent.
  • Many people with high real estate taxes have been hurt.
  • no. only the 1% did
    • Linda Joy
      That's not true.
    • Linda Joy
      "Mr. Biden’s tax increases fall heaviest on the lower and middle class, while the super-wealthy receive a generous tax cut until at least 2025."
  • Everyone benefitted from the tax cuts in some way. Cutting taxes was one way Trump improved the economy. It was a smart move - cutting taxes creates more disposable income which results in more spending and new job creation.
  • No but I have benefited from Biden's help during the Pandemic.
    • Linda Joy
      And now you're paying for it through inflation.
  • Yes, with regard to ObamaDon'tCare no longer costing me an arm and a leg in taxes. (Get this: I make too little to qualify for ObamaDon'tCare, and I still have to get health insurance - which is far, far too expensive - or else pay a steep tax penalty, making health care even LESS affordable. That's right: because I make TOO LITTLE to get discounted health insurance, I get penalized for not buying full-price health insurance. That tax penalty was removed during the Trump administration.) But the "stimulus" checks helped me out even more.
    • Linda Joy
      That's messed up! That's like when people on SSDI try to get a job and earn money they take it back out of your check! But stimulus payments are like payday loans. They cost you more in the long run with increased inflation.

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