• 2-17-2017,15yr,5%276%27%27,150+lbs&lk=6&ab=c Type in your details and see what you get. You almost certainly will grow some more by age 21 or so. After that there are just two ways to make yourself taller: 1) Put lifts in your shoes. 2) Put a box on your head.
  • You're already taller than me! I suggest you worry less about increasing your height and focus on increasing your heart. Secondly focus on becoming a man instead of a boy. These are things you can improve and are far more important than your height. And people who take those meds usually end up with really long legs and short torsos. Its looks unnatural. Increase your mind.
  • Worry makes one feel small. Try improving your mental awareness. I suggest working on getting better sleep. When you retire from each day and are ready for sleep, close your eyes and concentrate. Do this until you fall asleep.. when sleep improves so will your sense of stature 😇
  • You know who else was 170 cm tall? Robin Williams, one of the greatest comic actors ever. James Dean, one of the most iconic actors ever. Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day, one of the most popular bands ever. Bruce Lee, the most iconic martial artist ever. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the leader of the American Civil Rights Movement, and one of the greatest historical figures of the 20th century. Bono, the lead singer of U2, another one of the most popular bands ever. Sir Elton John, perhaps one of the greatest musical performers ever. Mario Andretti, one of the greatest racecar drivers ever. Stephen Spielberg, one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. And, of course, Luke Skywalker, the most powerful Jedi ever, as well as George Lucas, the man who created him!

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