• it comes from cultural stigmas, what is considered right and wrong depending on where you are. once core values are established at a young age, certain aspects of common sense evolve with your inner voice and desires. the voice telling you, you probably shouldn't have another drink, or that voice that says take a taxi instead of driving home drunk, for example. this voice can be destructive to. common sense in my opinion is just that, the general consensus of what is right vs what is wrong. It comes from your environment to start (like you are what you eat, and you are a product of your environment for example), and proceeds to evolve as we get older and experience more things from other cultures or other aspects of life. our common sense is the collective voice of the experiences as an individual and their moral compass that guides them to their goals or follies.
    • RayM21
      This is a really great response. My thing is that I lack confidence which I feel blurs my common sense. My husband, with only a GED, has more common sense. I have a MA but he is so much more knowledgeable and street savy. I want to be more like that.

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