• You talk too much
    • BarElohim
      You are to forgive him and move on.
  • maybe you should break it off with him
  • maybe you can go to another church with her if you dont want to see him
  • thats up to you but maybe you should go to another church
  • You need to drop your jealousy. Your words wreak of it.
  • Not sure what the details of the emotional affair was, but maybe you should just talk to her and say it is too soon for you to come in contact with this guy and if she don't mind you would like to ( for time being) go to another church with her or whitout untill you guys have worked through it only if and you have complete trust in her again you could consider going there again. Personally I think she is not over this petson. If she felt bad of what she did she shouldn't put you in a possision were you feel uncomfortable. If she only see this guy at church, it could be just a excuse to see him. Please talk to her, I feel like you are going to get hurt again.
  • thats up to you

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