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  • P.S. he looks a lot like me, so he has shortish brown hair, blue eyes, soft-looking lips (yes, I know... I'm weird...), smooth skin, hes about 5 ft. 3 inches tall, hes kinda thin by the looks of him, and he kinda has a cute butt (he always wears sweatpants, btw). Like, I KNOW I am into girls, but I'm kinda "into him" as well... Like I find him cute and stuff and... is this wrong? (to possibly be bi?) am I bi?
  • It is hard to say is it wrong? You react how you react. If you see a gal and think that she is really hot, that is not a moral judgment, it is rather an aesthetic one. Just the same for whether or not you like guys. (That he looks like you is irrelevant.) You may be confusing a strong friendship with sexual attraction - that sometimes happens with young men and women - but as to whether you are bisexual, only you can answer that question. (It is also possible that if you have never had sex with a woman, that your mind is looking for another outlet for your sex drive. There is a ton of literature on this phenomenon, which is RELATIVELY common in all boys boarding schools. (That is to say, that boys in all boys schools away from home are more likely to seek out other boys for sex because close friendships and close quarters make that kind of sexual outlet possible.)) Sorry if that is not much help, but tread carefully. If this guy is a very close friend, he may understand if you seek a sexual relationship with him. However, most teen guys are VERY driven by hormones and instinct in one direction. Your friend might not respond well to sexual advances from you. Much will depend on how well you know him and how you handle it. Oh, and one another thing, it is not gay or bisexual to find another guy good looking. Would that I could look like Brad Pitt.

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