• No, it doesn't ! I loved that show .. and two times naught is still two times naught. Sadly, in recent times, I've tried to explain the concept to my little buddy. But his math skills are still naught. You can tell by his miscalculation of infinite numbers. Yeah, okay so I've had a few shots of Tequila ... so what has that got to do with any thing ? HeHe
    • Linda Joy
      It's all naught! But is it all for naught? I think NOT! That's very naught-y - NOT! Hahaha
    • Linda Joy
      I was reminded last night that it didn't stop him from becoming agent double naught. And he wore an iron skillet for a bullet proof vest! Was that the same one with the frogman in the swimming pool?
    • Ice man
      Good question. I remember the cast iron pan, but naught I mean ...not the frogman.
    • Linda Joy
      It must have been separate episodes then. I'm having trouble logging on to answerbag today it takes several minutes to load a page maybe it's just High internet usage today. I would think everybody in this area would be outside it's so beautiful out there today!
    • Ice man
      The site was slow for me yesterday, but today it seems alright. It's a crappy overcast day up here. We had a few days of mega rain so I don't think the motorcycle is coming out just yet.
    • Linda Joy
      Beautiful and sunny here. Pool's not open yet, but it won't be long! Gotta go
  • I loved the show the Beverly Hillbillies. When did Jethro ever say anything that computed? Lol!!
    • Linda Joy
      What were your favorite episodes? I'll be checking back later
    • Rick Myres
      All of them actually.
  • It depends on how you were taught. Some of it is all for naught!
  • Take any number divided by itself as a fraction, and the answer is ONE !
    • Linda Joy
      you can't divide by zero.
    • RadioLogic
      Then zero is not a number, is that right?

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