• The former - like you.
  • I say "coo-pon". I think "cue-pon" is the Liverpool way. Lol:)
    • Murgatroyd
      That doesn't surprise me, Crazychick. Lol:)
  • I have always pronounced it "coo-pon". I don't think I've ever heard anybody pronouncing it "cue-pon".
  • 12-21-2016 Everybody I have ever known says "cue-pon". Only people on television say "coo-pon".
    • Murgatroyd
      Well, I say "coo-pon" and I've never been on television. Three others have said they say "coo-pon" and I haven't seen any of them on television, so I think you are wrong about that. Lol:)

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