• I had it once years ago. It was all right.
    • Ice man
      Made it as an experiment and it went over very well. Thanks : )
    • DanielBlaha
      Yes, I made it once. I checked its recipe from the internet and tried it a few months back. Usually, I refer and make recipes from . I am now again going to make the carrot soup as it taste delicious.
  • I had no idea you cooked! Very good. Yes I make carrot soup a few times a year with seaweed and ginger and smush it in the food processor.
    • Ice man
      I added fresh grated ginger just 15 min before serving. I've been cooking for many years, but yes, I volunteer my time and cook for crowds of up to and sometimes over 200 at our local Veteran's club, during the winter months when I stop trucking for the winter.
    • officegirl
      Oh so that's why the truck avatar! Are you a Vet?
    • Ice man
      Amongst other things, yes.
    • officegirl
      Very good.
  • No, but I'm sure I'd eat the hell out of it...Very few foods I don't like.
    • Ice man
      LOL, stay away from my twinkies !! Hahahaha
  • not yet
  • My son, an excellent cook, made some carrot soup a while ago which blew everybody away it was so good. It was literally some of the best soup I have ever eaten. I would have never guessed.
  • Nah, I'm not a communist. We eat meat here.
    • Ice man
      No big surprise there. Enjoy your Rat.
  • ive never had it
    • we are dough 68
  • I used to have a customer that requested carrot soup at the restaurant. I made a carrot bisque that was chicken and vegetable stock lots of carrots shallots, ginger a little garlic and S&P I thickened it with rice puree and garnished each bowl with creme fraiche and a couple of fresh mint leaves. It was pretty popular.
  • nope never ever tasted it as a soup ....i like carrot so id probably like it as a creamy type soup

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