• It can be pretty tacky but you can ask your aunt to make you sole beneficary You should be realistic can tell her otherwise you have to take care of yourself which includes going to college and/or getting a better job and moving out. It might sound a little rough but taking care of yourself is your primary responsibility, not taking care of you great aunt but she can move into a nuring home.
    • mushroom
      First of all, is she competent? Does she do all her own bills/banking/taxes? If she lists you as a beneficiary on a bank account, or if she open a bank account with you as a joint owner, then those will be yours ahead of any named in the will.
  • maybe you can talk to a lawyer about it
  • No. That choice is entirely up to your aunt. The only thing you can do is contest the will after she dies.
    • mushroom
      3 generations away, if there are living children/siblings/grandchildren they're ahead in line.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      One could argue that you were unintentionally left out since you were acting as the caretaker. Good luck with that, though.

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