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  • It depends on the society you are born into. In ancient Rome, a public toilet might have a dozen or more holes and no stalls. Men and women used them like that without a thought. They also had no toilet paper, only a sponge on a stick which they all shared. The town was littered with phalluses scratched into stone walls, pointing to the nearest church of ill repute. (Getting laid was a religious matter in those days.) Pacific islands were famous for easy sex. The girls didn't even bother to wear pants under those grass skirts. Tourists took care of that real fast! In Europe they had inheritance laws, so it was a very important legal matter to be absolutely sure who fathered whom. We Americans are largely from European heritage, so that is why we are so uptight about revealing the baby making parts.
  • Its boys and girls naked together in the same room, that's like you're just ASKING for sex.
    • Sammy
      Total disagree. Being naked has nothing to do with sex. It the behavior that is correct or incorrect. We talk about kids, or teens who know each other.
    • Sammy
      I see you have a very erotic mind about boys and girls being together in same room. In many countries around the word and also in the USA that boys and girls share locker room and restroom and there never an issues. The only one who have an issues are sex perverts. Being naked has nothing to do with sex.
  • Since I'm a private person on most days, it all depends of the setup of the lockers. If the locker room was setup with private showers and changing areas, I guess I wouldn't care.
    • Sammy
      So you are a private person. That nice. So that means you respect other people private space. Or dod this only apply to you but not to others. For example, you visiting a friend, she a female mother. She has to go and check on her son in the tub. You will stay in the living room and not follow her into the bathroom.
    • Black Mystique
      Your original question was was about a girls joining a boys soccer team. Now you're asking about a mother bathing her son. Totally different situations and age groups. Soccer teams in locker rooms will not come until Middle School/High School. In the second senario, the mother is in control of the Privacy situation. The Mother would say I have to check on my son I'll be right back or I have to check on my son you want to follow me up. my response depends on the level of friendship.
    • Sammy
      I am not interest in your erotic pervert mind. I not lowing my self to you. There many girls who join boys teams.
    • Sammy
      Many year ago (3 years). There was a girl who was 14 years old. There was not a girl hockey team in her area. She was allow to join the boys hockey team. The issues was she could not go into the boys locker room. She had to change in the girls locker room and meet the boy on the field. Her mother file a lawsuite over that her daughter was not be treated fairly. Well it when to trial. Well she win. Now she was allowed to go into the locker room with the boys to change with them. Take showers. So she saw many naked boys and they saw her. The issues of this was that they were force to let a girls into their area. People make rules and law for a person or group to benefit their self over others is wrong. This is very common with females over males. There was a meeting with the boys and they were willing to let her come in. Well she was bless. She had no brothers so being on this team was a learning lesson for her. I sure other girls were anger with her. I sure they in-apply sex remarks abut her and the boys. Yes that not uncommon for female to make sex remarks about others. As a female, I know what other female do and the junk trash girl talk they do. So this hockey play (girl) with a group of boys (15 boys) age range of 12 to 16. Well, it does not troble me. I do not get erotic or sexually over things like this. The one who does are the one who you need to watch. Because they are so sex pervert and a child sex abuser.
    • Sammy
      Another story about two preteen boys who were 11, and 12. Did not had enough boys to have a swim team. Well it never got into the new. There was never a lawsuite. It was work out with the parents of all the girls and the two boys. They were allowed on the team. Very moral high standard team with most of them being christian kids with very strong value of behavior. It was discussed about the locker room issues. Matter of fact it was the girls who push to allow the two boys to be in the locker room with them. So when the swim team was at the pool, no other female other than the girls on the team were allow in the locker room. The only two males who were allow in the locker were the two boys. So go ahead and get your mind in the gutter. There was two female leaders of the swim team. You mean the boys saw the girls bodies and the girls saw the two boys bodies. They never had an issues. The team win first place. Did the boys wear a top so they look like girls. No. They wear their speedos as if they were on a boy team. You mean they saw each other genitals. Yes, it was a learn experience. Many of the girls did not have a brother. The two boys did not have sisters. No one did anything out of line. Yes they were in the showers, they saw eachother use the bathroom. Jesus love you perverts, you erotic people. He can help you to see things with a cleaner mind. Have a nice day.

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