• hopefully soon
  • Watch the pregnancy rate among young girls go up unless parents put their daughters on birth control. Young people will experiment and many will have intercourse. I am not opposed to them doing so but parents should be responsible and have daughters on birth control. Condoms should be available.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Or, I have a better solution. Keep the girls in Girl Scouts and the boys in Boy Scouts. Providing condoms is the solution to a problem that was created when you let the girls in. (which I really don't see as that big of a problem anyhow)
    • Linda Joy
      Watch the boy scouts collapse! And if CHILDREN decide to have sex it's BOTH their responsibilities to prevent pregnancy and if they think they're grown enough for sex they're grown enough to get their own birth control and if they don't they should both have to pay to support that child till it's 18!
  • Taking away all labels brings chaos. Black Caucus is racist anyhow.
  • then another piece of Soros plan is fulfilled.
  • not sure when, hopefully soon

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