• Is it just me and the way my mind works, cos I really am not sure which way to take this question!!
  • I love cutting our grass because it's the one thing I can do that doesn't get UNDONE like my usual work load. I delegate the weed wacking to the teenagers and they get to blow the grass off the sidewalk. Nothing like sitting on the porch with a refreshing drink, covered in cut grass knowing a cool shower is next.
  • Fresh air, good exercise. Why not?
  • I love the smell of it when my HUSBAND cuts it, but I can very well leave THAT chore to HIM! He also DOESN'T mind doing the dishes or the ironing! I DON'T want him to either of those chores! Besides. . .I'm too clutzy! He'd NEVER trust me around a lawn mower!
  • I just wanted to say that this question and your wife (and you!) are pretty awesome! =)
  • My wife asked to mow once. She picked up the weedeater and almost took a toe off. I kicked her out of the garage. Plus, my Dad would beat me if he ever saw my wife cutting the grass.
  • I've managed to never cut the grass, although I've always had a lawn. When I was young, my brothers did it; when I was married my husband did it. Now my children are old enough to do it. I'm glad.
  • 8-26-2017 My gf whined about being allergic to grass dust, so I told her to take panto, a B vitamin that relieves allergies. After that she always mowed the lawn because it was such a thrill to do it without the allergies.

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