• Here's a half dozen worst ones for you.... A. OK but what on earth can I do about it, I didn't post a want ad? B. Exactly what kind of love do you mean, do you even know, there's a dozen assorted types? C. Should that ever happen to me I will be sure to let you know. D. See that's the thing about love, too often the timing is off, that's what sucks! E. What? Are you suggesting I owe you something? F. This love you're talking about, well that's a great thing in theory...BUT since that is a condition that I don't suffer from, I think you have yourself a personal problem, and I don't have the heart to stick around and watch, nor do I have the time to wait for you to recover... Here's a three more best of worst ones for good measure.... A. Wow thank you for letting me know that, now all I need is just 11 more lovesick fools to tell me that and I will have more hearts stamped in my red book than JLo, Lizzy, KK and Swift, GC, JD, and Magic Man combined. B. Well well well, that's really good to know (hold on, let me grab something) (panting) Here ya go, take this, that is my wish list I have just given you, I'm just trying to get you to hook me while the gettin' good, C. (Mae West voice) Ooh baby what you say is music to my ears, and I love music, in fact I love all kinds of music from all over the world, and when you love being loved as much as I do I find love has something in common with french fries, yeah that's right, I can never just eat one french fry. ...
  • Oh, crap!

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