• it depends how long you were together but if it's already been 8 months it probably is because you havn't met anyone new cause all your thoughts go back to your ex
  • It can take that long, even longer. Sometimes not.
  • well, as said by depends..each person is different and the amount of time a person needs is varied. However, it can be made easier by finding new interests! you dont have to meet anyone new! Find something to do for yourself..take a class..anything from pottery to yoga! you will find this increases self confidence and before you know it you will be thinking about the ex less and less...
  • I can take 8 months and even longer. It all depends on the type of relationship you two had and how long you were together. The part that you haven't gotten over him because you haven't met anyone else is also true. I can tell you that it took me nearly two years to get over my ex. And I got over him the minute I met someone that I fell head over heals for. Good luck to you, hope it works out!!!
  • Depends on the person. Took me over a year, and I had dated over guys during that year. Maybe doing hobbies and meeting new people is the best way to get your mind off it. Do things you like to do, hang out with your friends. You will get over the pain eventually.
  • It depends on how long you and your ex were together for. It also depends on the level of emotional commitment you put into the relationship. When any relationship ends, for whatever reason, you go through a grieving process. There's no timeline for grief (well, there is, but 8 months is still acceptable for grieing). I think people might want you to move on. But if you're not ready to move on, then the worst thing to do is to start dating - you're then getting into rebound territory, denying yourself to go through the grief process fully and actually preventing yourself the chance of completely moving on. Take the time you need and start finding ways to occupy yourself - join a social group, take up a sport, start doing the things you've always wanted to do but never did due to lack of time etc, join a charity and do some work that helps you feel good about yourself and give back to your community. You know in your own self whether your grief is healthy or not - unhealthy grief is grief that people refuse to let go of and turn into an obsession. You might tell us that this isn't the case but take time, think about it - be honest with yourself, then if it is unhealthy grief, think about looking into counselling. If you need and are able to, move to another area - if you're seeing your ex every day, then of course it will be difficult to get over them. Or take a different path to your daily activities (work / school, whatever it is you do) - sometimes avoiding seeing them can help the recovery process. I hope this does get easier for you. Meg

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