• Used? Sure it makes great hemp for ropes and matts and..... Ohhhhh... you meant smoked.......... Well, I doubt that it legal for me to say "yeah sure, half decent smoke in that too" so I will not say "yeah sure, half decent smoke too." ;)
  • just like the male reproduction "plant" it is useless except for the fact that it produces sperm(pollen) which leads to the production of semen(seeds). Yes it still can be harvested and used for the purposes of reproduction and pleasure just like marijuana lol
  • It's very useful. The male plant produces better fibers than the female. The male plant has significantly less THC, but you can get high from a few male strains. It is possible to make hash or turn it into brownies. How to make brownies:
  • The male marijuana plant could be useless to some people and helpful to others. It only depends on what you want it for. For instance, if your a stoner (like me) and just looking for a good high, than no, a male plant is basically useless. If your a grower and you really know what your doing and know the process/secrets to harvesting, than you could use the male plant to get the seeds. If you replant the seeds in completely different soil/pot and raise it female it will produce the same plant with 85% more THC, thus getting you stoned. You could also use the stems to make hemp. Making hash or hash brownies would be a complete waste of time because you would need at least a pound of leaf to produce a good amount. I hope that was helpful.
  • I should probably add that you can tell if a plant is male by the spot where the branch comes out of the stalk. If two hairs (called pistols grow out then it is female and will produce really potent buds. If it looks like there is a seed growing there (i call them balls) than it is a male...and if you want the seeds you dont have to let the buds produce fully...just give them a good 5-7 weeks to bud and pick em. From there you can skip the drying process and go straight for the seeds. BEWARE : Having a male plant in the same room as females can ruin the females. The male plant would pollenate the female and turn the female into a male.
  • The marijuana plant produces THC when it is under stress. There are three major ways to stress the plant: water stress, light stress, and sex stress. Sex stress only works on the females. Thus the male plant can be placed under stress to produce more THC, but the most stressed out males can't compare to the most stressed out females. Hmmm - don't take that out of context.
  • you could smoke the dried leaves of a male so that you have some smoke untill your females are finished. that is what i use the males for. i keep them away from females so i get no seed. i only am interested in nug not seed. so when i find a male it goes into its own room and harvested. the leaves are dried and smoked. they are pretty potent. keeps me stoned untill the females are harvested and cured
  • i just harvested 2 male plants less than 30 minutes ago, picked off the largest cluster of pollen sacks from one top of one, dried it in my oven at 150 degrees for about 12 minutes, smoked a pretty fat bowl and im really ripped dude. the people that say it isnt smokable have obviously never tried it. not bs try it then comment.
  • If any of the leaves have trics then you can make hash out of it. Trics give buds their glazed look. Up close they look more like clear mushrooms. Clear ones are developed yet. Milky ones give you more of a heady high, and amber ones are on the verge of degrading and will give you a couchlock high.
  • they make a lot of things from the male marijuana plant. anything that says hemp on it is made from male marijuana
  • Well seems like a lot of conflicts here which answer is right? I guess trying it yourself is the only real answer. Outiegrower
  • ok i harvest males all the time, just dry it and store till females are done then mix 20/80 female bud / male skuff, then make resin, gives a light and sociable high... very good when your m8's are round and your better stuff seems a bit too good for them. well thats my oppinion anyway
  • you can also make charas out of male marijuana. To do this though a few large male plants would be needed.simply grip the live plant between your hands and rub between your hands that to all the plants.As you keep rubbing and rubbing you will start to notice resin forming on your hands.Once all the resin is collected scrape the resin off your hands and put into a cloth.use the cloth to shape it into a stick shape.the charas is another name for squidgy black.The hand rubbing method is traditionally used in india.The longer you take using the hand rubbing method the better charas you will get.To smoke the charas it needs to be burned first and mixed with obacco
  • are the buds in male plants the crapy weed and the ones that bring seeds when u buy them? oR THE FEMALES ALSO HAVE SEEDS? IS THE MALE THE ONE THEY SELL FOR CHEAPER?
  • Everyone on here trying to explain male/female plants is an idiot. I have never seen so many wrong answers in my life. Male and female plants are different. If a female gets pollinated by a male, it doesn't turn into a male plant. The female plant is impregnated I guess you could say, and develops seeds. Unfortunately, developing seeds costs a lot of energy for the plant and the bud is thus less potent (doesn't use as much energy to flower/produce THC and other cannabinoids). Lower quality marijuana is usually seedy because it's brick weed from Mexico where their operations are so large they don't have time to pick through all of their plants for the males, so all of their plants end up getting pollinated like crazy. The flower of the females (bud) is less potent, but they have a LOT of it. They pack it up into bricks and ship it in. Oh, and metal head, planting a seed doesn't guarantee "85% higher THC". Where the hell did you get that statistic? How can someone honestly believe that? The average THC percentage in marijuana would be so incredibly high..
  • The male still has the non-psychoactive cannabinoids. These are the plant's big pain relievers, and the anti tumor, nerve protective, antiepileptic, and on. There's a lot of research on this on the web. Look for University-based white papers.
  • where on males do the pollen sacs first show, i know that its at the joints where the branches come off the stalk but does they first show at top or bottom
  • I was once told by an old botanist that I could take the whole plant up out of the ground with the roots still attached... then get a bucket and fill it to the height of the plants' lowest leaf with water warm enough to barely stand, then put a cup of sugar in the water... then you will place the plant in the water... I'm not sure of how long to leave the plant in the water, but the leaves will become leathery like tobacco leaves(this process pulls all of the thc from the entire plant and pushes it into the leaves)... then clip the leaves and make butter or brownies or whatever you want... I'm still not sure if this will work, but I am two and half months away from tryin this method... if anybody knows of this method or has heard anything about this please contact me a
  • you can not smoke any part of the male plant and get as high as you do when you smoke bud so yeah in a a way its useless besides making things out of it like hemp rope... they also make your female plants produce tons of seeds... marijuana plants like to get it on
  • The male plant when grown properly can be just as good as the female. I just smoke some off a branch i cut off. its not even ready yet and i got pretty damn high. who ever says you cant get high off a male plant IS one D.M.F
  • well I will tell ya'll now I don't know much about these plants but sure am learning fast,lol
  • Coming from the knowledgeable female perceptive, if you want to grow nugget than don't fertilize the female; but we need to share seeds because otherwise weed would cease to exist. Therefore pollination is necessary to keep shwag growing, selling, and reproducing.

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