• She probably feels guilty because of the fact that she got kissed by another guy who is not her boyfriend.
  • She still feels guilty probably because she is grossed out by it, and because it happened, whether or not she wanted it to. She probably still feels there is a rift between her and her best mate, and she probably feels that she betrayed you on some level, even if she didn't. In my experience it'll blow over if you give it time.
  • Ask her. It could be that she feels guilty about getting herself into a situation that could have gone worse, and feels that she shouldn't have even let the situation happen. Talk to her, make sure she understands you are OK with what happened and that is the past. Then there is the opposite scenario, in that she feels guilty because she may have wanted it to happen. Either way, take some time and talk to her about it.
  • Because she did more than what she is telling you, OR she really liked it, OR she doesn't remember most of what really happened.
  • Dealing with guilt takes time. She may feel that she shouldnt have put herself in the situation where it happened. Either that or there is a bit more to the story than what she has told you.
  • She probably feels bad for hurting you, and also kissing a guy who is taken already, shows the sign of a good person that even though you have forgiven her she still feels guilty.
  • just make her understand hatever happend forge it.. dont think abt anything and love her more.... than anything she l forget tht

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