• Basic: "where is the bathroom, I would like a beer." Conversational: "I really like cats and bicycles." Good: "I feel that the artist is expressing frustration at the apathy of society." Fluent: "I'm torn with indecision over whether I should take the loan at 4% interest, or study chemistry and synthesize my own alkaloids." Basic lets you survive, conversational helps you keep from feeling all alone and bored. Good means you are not often lost, and fluent means you speak it like you grew up with it.
    • mushroom
      That's not "Basic," that's "Tourist." L'addition merci! To be a basic speaker, you will need to be able to direct others to the bathroom or the nearest police station.
  • Check your thesaurus,, if you don't have one BUY one!
    • mushroom
      These days, you can just talk to your phone.
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      What's that? Smoke signals?

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