• To have an abortion or not is the choice of the pregnant lady, sure you are welcome to your opinion and yes you should tell her of what that opinion is. But if she decides to have an abortion then support her and your son in any way you can/are needed. As for paying for it, she is 22yo! Let her pay for it herself!!
  • At four months, she's definately pushing it for an abortion, and no, you're not wrong. She's not, either. If she's not ready to have a baby, she shouldn't be forced into keeping one, regardless of her age. Present her the options that she has - adpoption included, if she's scared that she won't be a good parent. If you're completely against abortions, rather than scaring her with morals and what you feel is right and wrong, present her with dangerous is a second trimester abortion? What could some of the long term affects on her body be? And also ask her why she wants to get rid of the baby rather than keeping it. It's wonderful that you want to help your son out in this situation, however, it's their decision. You're not wrong for your opinion (I'm sure very few people share mine) but you need to respect her rights as a woman, and potential future mother. Keep being supportive - it's the best thing that you can do for her. *edit* She shouldn't be asking you to pay for it - neither should your son! It was their decision to make a baby, they need to be adults and figure out what's next.
  • if you dont agree with abortion then i think you are doing the right thing in not paying for your sons gf to have an abortion. you have the right to your opinion but remeber its your sons gf choice and what ever she decides try to be there for both your son and your sons gf.
  • Just Imagine what this baby might become...he/she might make you so proud... and about who's right it is to decide...unfortunetely what about the baby's rights have what you have been also there are so many families that are ready to give lots of love to an adopted child.... just imagine.
  • I think you were right when you said you need to stay out of it. It is her decision on whether or not to become a mother. However, nothing obligates you to finance an abortion.
  • In short-you are not wrong at all! Google 2nd trimester abortions to see what it really is about. You may throw up, though. Maybe educate them on what a 2nd trimester abortion consists of, too. So many people are going to get on here saying I'm wrong and that she doesn't need to be tortured or scared of having an abortion. What is wrong with the truth?
  • The only reason you are right is because she's already 4 months pregnant. In a sonogram, that fetus already has lttle fingers and everything. There's a reason for doctors not wanting to perform abortions after 3 months pregnancy (some even 2 months). I know because I've had a couple of abortions done already as well.
  • You should do what your conscience tells you to do. If you pay for an abortion, you will have done something that you feel, in your heart, is morally wrong. You must be true to yourself. AT 22 years old she should have been responsible enough to take the correct measures to avoid getting pregnant. This is not your responsibility and she (and your son) need to be responsible for the actions they took and the results of those actions. Otherwise, they may not learn and repeat them. I am sorry for your position in this. As a parent who has watched their child agonize over poor decisions, I know the pain and the desire to step in and fix things, but at their ages they need to be fixing their own things.
  • An abortion at 4 months can be pretty dangerous. While it is her decision to make, you can give her your opinion. Personally, I'm siding with you on this one even though I'm not completely against abortions, I don't think I could go through with it at 4 months. And she's no longer a little girl, at 22 years old, you can support a child. Good luck to you and your family!
  • Last I checked, 22 was an adult. She has NO right to ask you for money to fix her and your son's mistake. And if they're telling you to stay out of it, they have even LESS right to ask for money. The baby did NOTHING to earn the death penalty. Mistakes have consequences. She should consider herself lucky that all she has to give up is 9 months of her life. If your son is unable or unwilling to step up and be a man, he should at LEAST find a good home for his child.
  • 4 months is really freakin late to just be talking about an abortion. if you want to stay out of it, you have a right to. i wouldn't have anything to do with helping them if they want that abortion so late already. they're adults. if they can make their decisions to have sex, then they need to be prepared to be real adults and take on whatever the rest of life throws at them.
  • yes, you are wrong.
  • 4 months is pushing it. i'd say c-section at month 8 for the best result if your docs can swing it. ideal timing for minimal impact, and optimal recovery.
  • No, you are not wrong. This is how you feel and that is fine. They are adults and need to take responsibility for their actions. I do wonder why she has left it so late to decide to abort.
  • Paying for her to get an abortion would be aiding and abetting the killing of your own grandchild. A grandchild who might be the spitting image of you as a baby. She might still do it, but don't feel obligated to give her your blessing.
  • no the world is alredy over populated
  • IMHO it is tragic that neither you, nor your son have much of a say in this. According to the current laws it is "her body" and she can do whatever she chooses with this tiny, helpless body growing inside her. No way are you wrong here.
  • Oh hell no.... Abortions is WRONG!!

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