• Tell the ticket agent at the ticket counter your situation and maybe he/she can do something to fix it.
  • Cancel and find another flight or airline.
  • Generally, even if you are assigned seats separately, people will be more than willing to accommodate you when you actually get on the plane. Go ahead and book it. It might be a bit of a pain, but I'm sure at least one of you will be able to sit with your child.
  • yeh i think that someone on the plane will have a little sympathy and move to another seat for you and your child keep the reservations hey have you seen that movie about the mom that lost her kid on a plane and couldn’t find her anywhere
  • I agree that once your on the plane someone wont mind moving. 'would you mind if we switched seats so I can be with my 3 year old' is a pretty hard request to turn down. Also, if you keep calling the airline sometimes they have cancellations and something might open up. Good Luck
  • That stinks. Voice your complaint to the world.
  • Let's put it this way. If I'm sitting beside the 3 year old I have a choice: Sit beside a 3 year old for the entire flight who has no adult supervision or switch seats with one of the parents. .......not a dificult decision, I'm switching.
  • maybe you should tell them they need to find seats
  • Delta is the worse at doing this and they usually do it to people who book the flight through Travelocity, Kayak, or any third party service other than directly through Delta. Other airlines are not good at this but Delta actually seems to be vindictive about it. Avoiding Delta entirely is probably the best policy in this regard.
  • they need to at least have two cause your 3 yr old cant sit by herself

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