• I like rodeo but I haven't been to one for many years. I do watch bull riding on TV though.
  • I used to live in a very aggie area. Rodeos were really big, I rode and raised horses. I would always attend the local fairs and rodeos. THen I started wondering about using animals this way simply for our enjoyment when it wasn't showing some skill in the animal and they could get hurt or abused in some way. I don't agree with most people that go on about the pain of a flank strap and all that. It doesn't really hurt, it isn't digging into their groin or privates, it's a sensitive area and because they aren't used to it, they try to get rid of it or it makes them bukc higher and more cleanly. But the madness and rage that some of the animals display as they try to dislodge their riders can have bad consequences for them if they get hung up in the rails or slam themselves into poles. I don't like seeing spurring for points (they get more points for a ride if they do it with style). Don't they realise that a horse can feel a fly land on their skin and will twitch to remove it. A spur running down their sides is extremem pressure on them and way beyond anythinh they would need for communicating a signal like turning or speeding up. They may not get severely hurt but I hate the idea of me gaining some entrtainment value from animals getting hurt. I know they don't want them to get hurt, they aren't bad people. I'm just speaking for myself. I don't like watching boxing wherer two people are trying to hurt ech other. That isn't entertainment to me. Oh and don't ever see how they transport some of the rodeo stock, especially the horses in the upper compartment of a livestock trailer and see them fall down these ramps. Just awful!!!
  • I was married to a cowboy for ten years. He was a bareback rider and he was a ranch hand. I can tell you that cowboys put more value on their animals than on there on family in many cases. They would never think of hurting them just for the fun of it. These animals are their livelyhood. My ex acquired a brain injury trying to save a cow on the ranch he worked for. Most people have no idea what cowboys do on a daily basis to care for these animals.
  • many times the animals do rope the cowboys. rodeos are almost the most dangerous sport to humans of almost any sport known to man. bulls and wildhorses get the upper hand most of the time.
  • I don't like them. I live in redneck, cowboy Alberta, and to me it's just a game, not a sport. It's cruel to all the animals involved. Rodeo should be one of those outdated things like steam locomotives or the paddleboat, best left behind last century.
  • It's not meant to be amusing - its a sport in the true American tradition!
  • A few years ago, we were in front row seats at a rodeo and the boys that were trying to get this steer down so another boy could get on it and ride it over the line. They twisted it's neck so hard, trying to get it down, that they broke it's neck and killed it. I was crying my eyes out. I refuse to go to that part of the rodeo any more. The animals are treated very cruely.
  • Yes!!!! I was at a rodeo once where these boys were trying to tackle a steer to the ground and they broke it's neck. It had to be drug off the grounds with a tractor in front of the entire audience. Tying up horse's and bull's balls is cruel and unusual punishment!!!! And they do this in the name of entertainment???
  • 100 percent cruel! But they do take good care of the livestock when they are not riding and whipping and squeezing their privates.
  • They are ridiculous. I don't find it amusing either. It is an unfair fight.
  • Cows can't rope! They lack opposable thumbs.
  • ive never been to one so i dont know what to think
  • Rodeo is not fun for these animals. Was same for circus.
  • Rodeos are alright. Why do you have a problem with people working with livestock?
  • Very manly sport
  • Go to the border and watch illegals bring COVID into America. Maybe you'd find that more to your liking.

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