• Cleaning houses.
  • In a job as a "Painter's Assistant", which basically amounted to little more than hanging about in the home of some snooty rich person every afternoon for a week while my Aunt painted and gold-leafed the ceiling above their ridiculously extravagant bath tub. Oh, every now and then I was also required to move a ladder, tape down baseboards, and even <Gasp!> *Stir Paint*! Easiest $50 I've ever made.
  • Working as a dancer. I'd show up at the bar, get in my underware, and have guys buy me drinks and give me dollars. Paid my rent and all my expenses for two and a half years!
  • Bought a couple domains and was approached by a company who wanted to buy them a few months later. Made about $4000 on a $16 investment :)
  • I work for a company that pays per half day/full day and per hour after 9 hours work. Basically we set up stages for big bands and acts (its an as and when job). Quite often I get jobs to unload lorries, its half a days pay (about 50 pound take home). Normally the lorry is packed to the brim and it is hard work, but its over in about an hour with a good crew. But occasionally the lorry is almost empty! But the best time was the day of the last world cup final (France Vs Italy). I went to the depot to unload the truck, waited about 10 minutes and then got a call saying no truck! Woo hoo, 50 pound for nothing! A diffrent day, waiting to take down the stage for Guns and Roses, the band did not go on stage until 4h after they were due on, we sat in a pub drinking beer waiting for them to finish, we got paid a total of 100 pound for waiting for them to get off stage! (Overtime pay), it then took over 5h to take the stage down and load the lorries, this was at a rate of 30 pound per hour! Was a nice job :)
  • I used to be a receptionist and I would get paid for just sitting there doing absolutely nothing, unless the phone rang, and then I say "Who do you wish to speak to?" and push a button. About once or twice an hour, someone would come in the office, and I would hand him a badge, write his name down, and that is all. I got paid to do this!! Can you believe it?
  • by selling my motherboard
  • Nielsen ratings payed me to watch tv.
  • Store window mannequin.
  • Taking care of my neighbors dog.

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