• I think it was the whore of Iris! Anyway, Egypt had a multitude of god/goddesses, providing protection. The trinity of Horus, Isis, and Osirus...were but one. I don't believe there was a specific 'symbol' for Egypt.
  • The Ankh (a T shape with a circle on top - a bit like a cross with a loop) O T <---- Like that but without a gap... The Ankh was a symbol of protection in ancient Egypt. I'm not sure whether the eyes of Ra or Horus symbolised protection... But the Ankh definitely did.
  • In the sense of physical protection and healing, it was. The meaning of the eye of Horus is derived from the myth of the battle between Horus and Seth, where Horus lost his left eye. It was eventually healed and restored by Hathor, and it eventually came to symbolise physical integration and healing. Horus eventually used the eye to bring Osiris back to life. The left eye of Horus is sometimes referred to as the "uninjured eye". One is "nht" (see the picture below), meaning magical protection. We don't know the vowels because like Hebrew, they were not written. If you mean the ancient egyptian word for protection, there were several, used in different senses.
  • There were several symbols for protection in Ancient Egypt. Ankh is the obvious one, meaning eternal life, along with scarabs. The wings of Isis or Maat (Egyptian Goddesses) symbolised protection too. It very much depends on the era of Ancient Egypt though (as we know, it spanned a long time). I imagine there were various superstitions that were popular at different times. Turquoise and some other stones were worn for protection, and still are :)
  • 01-02-2017 Egyptian theology was a LOT more complicated than you would expect. You don't have to read many pages in history to realize that the sky above the Earth looked very different just a few thousand years ago. You might wonder why the ancients named their god after a planet that most people now can't even point to. Well, they were quite explicit about that: they didn't worship gods named for planets, they worshiped the planets. In ancient days, Jupiter and Saturn dominated the sky, and Venus and Mars put on quite a show for a long time. Here is a careful investigation of ancient myths and legends, considering stories in hundreds of languages from all over the world and going back to 10,500 BC. It is very long, and it is still in progress.

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