• For your sake I hope this video doesn't contain text because you misspelled both revelations and prophet. Not to mention the fact your question is missing the ?. The very stupid might be fooled/entertained.
    • Wakko
      Well, you're 1 for 2. It's Revelation, not plural.
  • I doubt that seriously. You are a fake.
  • There are many antichrists, but ‘the Antichrist ‘ will be possessed by the devil himself.. he will have political influence.
    • Daniel Klaws
      No ur wrong. He will be a religious leader.
    • Cry me a River
      He will be a religious leader too, but he will usher in the one world government, so he will need political clout
    • Daniel Klaws
    • Cry me a River
      He will do three things, bring in a one world government, organize one religion, and create (for lack of a better word) one monetary system.
  • not that i know of
  • The false profit? I can see why many people will do anything to make a "profit." It is a good idea though to make a biblical movie that is based on prophecy. But to claim you are the antichrist is a bunch of rotten tomatoes in the public's view.
  • Nope You are the anticlimactic
  • As you wish. It's your script, you can write it any way that you want.
  • No, that title belongs to a dude named Weylon Elliott McLerran.
  • nnaybe

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