• Confidence is believing in yourself, yet still being humble. Arrogance is thinking your sh*t don't stink and making sure everyone gets a whiff.
  • Confidence is understated, arrogance is shouted. If you find yourself bragging, talking about your exploits, bringing attention to yourself that's arrogance. Not whining, sulking, complaining are signs that you have confidence. Asking a girl out shows confidence, telling her she's lucky to have you ask her out is arrogance.
  • Confidence walks in the door before you do, arrogance leaves a stench when you leave.
  • confidence has a sense of humour, arrogance doesn't.
  • Confidence is a gentle, graceful emotional strength. Arrogance is a boastful, brash "better than everyone" attitude.
  • Confidence is believing in yourself and the things you do, and it shows in the way you carry yourself. Which is something we want to see in a relationship. Arrogance is being cocky, full of yourself, showing off, flaunting, and thinking you are "THE SH*T" and can do no wrong. That just simply p1$$es me off when people act like that.
  • to me, arrogance is very similar to confidence, but it belittles others.
  • Someone who is himself and is comfortable being himself, but he doesn't think so highly of himself that he thinks he is better than everyone else.
  • Having confidence is knowing who you are and accepting that, with admiration. Arrogance is thinking you are something better than you are and flaunting it to make other people seem less than they are. It is easy to make the distinction.
  • Do they take a compliment well or do they overwhelmingly compliment themselves.
  • dude here. I have found 2 differences betwrrn arrogance and confidence A: the person speakking likes the person or not (kinda like how a religion someone does not like becomes a "cult") B: arrogance can be offended, confidence can not. (I know I am briliant, if someone can not see that then they miss out)

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