• Oh no, never. We are human, and we all enjoy beauty/good looks in everything. We both (husband and I) know the other will not act on it, but appreciating it is perfectly fine.
    • Cinders717
      Healthy couple:) I know the green eyed monster well, but not as much as years ago:) lol
  • No. Finding them attractive is not the same as lusting after them.
    • Thinker
      There is no problem with fantasizing or even lusting for another person or thing. The problem begins when an item is being coveted by another. Coveting is the taking or stealing of an item from the owner thereby depriving the owner of the use of that item. This is what is meant in Exodus 20:17. Jesus Christ lusted for his disciples when they were not with Him. this is referred to as good lust. Bad lust is when it becomes covetousness.

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