• sounds like a clichee, but excercise daily and eat right...excercising doestn ahve to be like 5 hourse, 30 minutes daily will do..not even, 20 minutes, even
  • Exercise. Move your body. That is the way you burn calories. Walk, run, jog, dance, swim, ride, climb, gym, work, whatever. It all burns the calories! You even burn them sleeping... To start burning your fat reserves, eat less calories than you burn. That's it. Full stop. No magic. No nuthin. EXCEPT Muscle burns calories just continuing to exist (so even when you sleep) whereas fat just hangs around waiting for the next famine. If you increase your muscle mass through strength training (weights, pushups etc.) then your body will naturally burn more calories every day, all day.
  • Playing DDR. There is a video games called Dance Dance Revolution where you basically jump around on pad with 4 arrows on it. You look kind of like an idiot, but it is really fun and a great way to lose weight. My boyfriend lost 60lbs playing DDR.
  • cardiovascular exercise is how one would burn calories. and not eating like a F*ing pig. (points to self)
  • Eat a lot of protein (meat) and vegetables, exercise (interval training)and weight lifting(does not have to be heavy weights)the goal is to build muscle and get the proper amount of sleep (7 to 8 hrs.) I don't do these things regularly, but it does work.
  • The axiom of dieting: if there exists a pill that will make you lose weight, it will also kill you. Diet and exercise. Not starvation, because that actually doesn't work. Not parking far away, because that's not a substitute for exercise.
  • The old fashion way. Excersizes! I mean now adays people are looking for the easy way out. The pill, starving themselfs, or eating crappy food.
  • The most enjoyable way, and one of the most effective ways of burning calories is to have plenty of energetic sex. :)
  • only one way to lose it and keep it off. Exercise and eating right
  • Starvation.
  • Rigid exercise routine! Oh and SEX of course!
  • Healthy eating and cardio

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