• No I hope not I would be innocent(ms)
  • I have twice. I received an angry email both times. which is why I now took that email address down, and haven't put another up since. (Though, it's also in part to two *more* people emailing me telling me to change my avatar because they found me unattractive, but that's another story) But I really don't understand how anyone would see me as a troll? I hardly ever even downrate! I think people jump to conclusions if you posted answers that were in close timing to their downratings (...coincidence! >=[ ) and/or you have the opposite opinions on most everything.
  • No not to my knowledge. I just avoid Down rating,
  • I've been accused of down rating because of a comment I've made but not of trolling. If I down rate I'll come right out and say why other wise what's the point in doing it? Recently, I've had some comments from certain users who assumed that it was I who down rated them when no such action had occurred. No biggie. The people on here whose opinions I care about still have respect for me and that's all that matters to me.
  • Yes I was. And also for impresonating an answerbagger.
  • Not that I know of, or paid attention to.
  • Yep, quite a few times. I was even accused of being Chub once.
  • Not yet.
  • Yes, indirectly. A comment was left on my answer to a different question (shortly after a disagreement on one of my questions) that implied he/she had been trolled and wished the ... would have the balls to say something about it. I thought it was an odd comment, and another person commented after that saying it wasn't them, and the other person said... I know, but I think the troll now knows I know who they are... I began to suspect this was an indirect accusation. I said I wasn't the troll either and asked if they were trolled on this particular question as well... then when I looked, they didn't even have an answer to that question. That confirmed my suspicion. I then said that I very seldom downrate and don't agree with carrying on arguments outside of the particular question or answer that is under debate... and they just laughed "lol at the troll". Really pissed me off. I do give him some respect though for not trolling me as 'retribution' for thinking I was the troll. I truly felt upset that I was accused, and wonder how he came to a conclusion that I had done something as petty as trolling. That really cheesed me off.
  • No, not yet, but most people don't complain about plus points! That's the only kind I give out.
  • Yes. Insinuations here on Answerbag and direct accusations via email. They can ask the staff. Please feel free to ask them if I ever have trolled someone here.

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