• Ebay. Buy wholesale and sell it on ebay. This way, its easy to use, only costs you when you sell, and you can do it all from your computer.
  • You can start a business from home on little money, but you would have to start small. You could sell handcrafted items on eBay or You could also try babysitting kids if that's your thing, but make sure that you have homeowner's insurance to help cover possible liability.
  • Cyber sex. It's recession proof
  • I do some surveys online: mypoints buzzz pinecone are a few. Pinecone pays via check or paypal, buzz pays with mypoints point, which can be converted to gift cards. and a few other survey sites. You won't get rich for sure! But of a very small portion of your time you can get free giftcards or checks.
  • Give lessons or tutoring in something you know--cooking, sewing, writing, gardening, music, woodworking, whatever. Dog-walking or pet-sitting. People pay an arm and a leg to have someone take care of their pet while they're out of town.
  • not sure, ive been thinking of doing that myself
  • you could try selling avon online

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